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The beauty of the copyright law is that protects you, and provides you the opportunity to honor another.

 Greek Law - European Directives & International Treaties                                 

Copyright is a legal right that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights for its use and distribution.


This is only for a limited time. Τhe protection lasts for the author’s lifetime plus seventy years after his death

and has as a consequence the user's duty to obtain a written license of exploitation before the use of each original work.

The greek law on the protection of author’s and related rights, law 2121/1993  is in harmonization with the

European Directives and the International Treaties on author’s and related rights:



+30 210 68 57 481

+30 210 68 57 498

Τhe unlawful use of an original work bears civil and penal sanctions. Any violation is being punished with imprisonment from one year at least. Moreover, the payment of high compensation and moral damages is provided.

Last but not least the right-owner may appoint an agent to represent him in the exercise of his rights towards the users.
SOPE acts as a representative in Greece of foreign playwrights and is specialized in the grant of such services.

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