About us

SOPE has been established in 1954 and is since then member of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers “CISAC” 

SOPE aims  to protect  the rights of the foreing creators (writers of theatrical plays and literature works, music composers,
choreographers, directors etc.) and  license  every  use of their works in Greece and Cyprus.

SOPE is responsible for:
  • licensing public performances of foreign theatrical plays, operas, choreographies, literature works(Grand rights)

  • supplying all State orchestras, Greek National Opera  and all  other private music ensembles with the necessary music materials for their concerts in Greece and Cyprus

  • licensing all Radio and TV transmission of theatrical plays and concerts

  • representing and promoting the works of Greek writers and composers abroad

  • promoting in Greece and introducing to the Greek producers and directors foreign theatrical plays belonging to the collaborating societies and agencies

  • licensing publication in Greek language of theatrical or literature works

  • prohibiting all illegal performances of the represented repertoire, taking legal actions if necessary




SOPE has a rich archive with more than 7.000 theatrical plays, in original language, and a considerable number of complete music materials (conductor scores, parts, spartiti etc) of works of classic music such as Operas, Operettas etc. 


 THE TEAM                                                                                                                   





Evita licenses performances of theatrical plays and musicals in Greece and Cyprus on behalf of the collaborating right owners

Christine handles the rights for Concerts, Ballets, Operas and hires music materials to orchestras in Greece and Cyprus on behalf of the collaborating Music Publishers









Evangelos is our Chief Accountant

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+30 210 68 57 498